The RIO model is a design radiator in polished or satin stainless steel designed by Paola Pinnavaia to furnish living spaces with the elegance and warmth of a refined and evocative heating element. RIO is distinguished by heating elements that curve to draw the impetuous movement of a stream.

The movement of the design of this radiator determines a strong energy charge. The design tames the material, it's a thermal sculpture that lets you feel true emotions. The sweet curves and harmonic undulations of the heating elements, evoking the beneficial power of water, show a strict relationship between appearance, anatomy and logic of the object.

Paola Pinnavaia Designed by

Paola Pinnavaia


Paola Pinnavaia was graduated at ISIA in Rome and she won European Design Award. She worked as industrial designer for Texas Instruments in Nice, Tokyo and Dallas. In 1994 she founded Studio ONdesign in Rome, putting at industries disposal her creativity, innovation, and methodological experiences she made Design being the  propulsive heart of the industry. 

She cooperated with many prestigious international companies. She designed for Cordivari Design Rio and Foglia (winner of 2001 I.D. Award review Magazine,New York).

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