Sea Design Apartment!

Interior Design & Lighting Project: Arch. Simone Micheli
Location: Viareggio (LU)
Year of construction: 2021
Photo credits: Jürgen Eheim

Along Viareggio’s historic promenade, just a stone’s throw from the sea, stands Sea Design Apartment, a residence created through smart methods that give relevance to the international industry. This project narrates a new way of imagining interior architecture, redefining the concept of contemporary luxury in line with the evolution of human desires. This place aims to translate the complexity of our time into simplicity.

A concrete immersion in a fluid and transparent space, with every detail designed by architect Simone Micheli giving identity to the spaces.

Sea Design Apartment is rich in hybridity and contamination, a flat located in a city by the sea that gives value to the territory: through its colours it recalls the naturalness of the sea.

Eight beds, including a double bedroom, a living area, two bathrooms and a garden, allowing guests to experience the residence in an immersive way.

An iconic flat, hieratic, essential, that surprises at first glance. Sea Design Apartment is a true work of art: the manifesto of architect Simone Micheli’s design beliefs.

For the radiator, from among his creations the architect chose the Cordivari Design Badge radiator, an ultra-thin carbon steel heating element, a revolution for its design and use of the exclusive Extraslim technology.