Project S22

Design: Nog Atelier studio
Intervention: Renovation
Location: Rome

In the "golden triangle" joining Piazza San Giovanni, Piazza Re di Roma and Piazza Tuscolo hides a wonderful Rome made of ancient and modern history that overlaps and intersects: it is in this context that the project S22, curated by Nog Atelier, was born. "Upon the first inspection what appeared to us was a dilapidated structure, distorted and disfigured by changes and accretions that did not take into account what still shone through the windows: charm, splendour, wonder and dream. By highlighting the structure of the apartment, we have enhanced its mighty walls and the geometry of the imposing openings, combining colours and materials in an eclectic style to generate a virgin, modern aesthetic, but with ancient references" The S22 project is a house designed for a family of five, with different needs and requiring large spaces; without neglecting attention to detail and the desire to make those, who have the time and desire, appreciate the unexpected combinations of material, colour and time. The design radiators are by Cordivari: for the living and sleeping areas, Ardesia tubular units were chosen - a model with excellent performance and ample dimensional flexibility - while chrome towel rails were chosen for the bathroom.