Cap Apartment

Project: Arch. Amedeo Verginelli
Implementation: Magister Costruzioni srls
Ph.: Webup S.p.a.
Location: Roma

Stylish, with a contemporary and sophisticated design, without losing warmth and comfort.
The Cap Apartment project was born immediately as an ambitious turnkey project, with a mix of daring choices that prove to be absolutely winning in the final result.
The client's request starts from the need to have a home with large usable spaces and combinations of minimal modern materials. The project is expertly elaborated by the architect Amedeo Verginelli, who carefully selects materials and finishes.
The project was presented early on very complex, given the short time available to run, but the end result is amazing and absolute comfort. Some choices, erroneously perceived in a first phase as reckless, have made the difference in terms of style and design, such as the use of resins both on the floor and on the wall, the use of a retractable skirting board or flush-to-wall doors. Bespoke furniture and wallpaper complete the work.
For the heated towel rails they have chosen to rely on Cordivari: with its minimalist and contemporary design, in the living environment the Frame radiator integrates best in the matt version, with a matt black finish. In the kitchen instead of the choice fell on Sfere Trittico, designed by Simone Micheli, included in the project with Black Matte finish. At last, the Katia Vx towel warmer in the Matt Black version was installed in the bathroom.