Apartment Via Cosenza - Rome

Design: Project C3 
Team: Arch. Paola Lanni, Arch. Riccardo Greco, Arch. Fabiana Galasso 
Intervention: Renovation
Ph: David Agugiaro
Location: Rome

The renovation project began with the aim of enhancing the spatiality of this historic residence, built in the early 20th century. The distribution of the rooms respects the original layout, but gives more value to the entrance and the rooms of the living area, and creates a new dynamic connection between the spaces. The rooms are minimal and modern, enhanced by an important study of lighting in order to exalt the height and proportions of the large spaces. The reinterpretation of a historic space that regenerates with a look to the future. For the heating system, Ardesia tubular radiators were chosen: a timeless classic with high thermal performance.